In addition to my new book, Live Like Nobody is Watching: Relational Autonomy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence Health Monitoring, my broader scholarship includes over 80 journal articles and encyclopedia/book chapters, many in distinguished publications such as Bioethics, Hastings Center Report, American Journal of Bioethics, Journal of Medical Ethics, Academic Medicine, the Journal of Clinical Ethics, and the Journal of Medical Genetics, among others. My collaborative research work has been supported by grant and fellowship funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Emerson Collective, Greenwall Foundation, and St. Paul’s Foundation.

This page features a small sample of my articles and book chapters. You can find additional articles on my ResearchGate page.

Medical Assistance in Dying

Palliative Care Providers’ Roles in Medical Assistance in Dying Decision-Making Triads with Patients and Families: A Qualitative Analysis (Palliative & Supportive Care)

How MAiD Affects End-of-Life Care Planning Discussions. (Palliative Care and Social Practice)

(PDF) Challenges and Recommendations Regarding MAiD in Palliative and Hospice Care. (Journal of Palliative Medicine)

MAID Legalization: Positive Aspects from Hospice Palliative Care Providers’ Perspective. (Nursing Ethics)

Social Determinants of Mental Health and Assisted Dying. (American Journal of Bioethics)

Public Health Ethics